SEO in Las Vegas: Stand out in the Local Crowd

More than 25 million people have visited Las Vegas so far this year on top of the 2 million who live in the area. Nearly 56,000 businesses cater to the needs of all those people, and the number is continually on the rise. If you want be seen by all those potential customers, it’s going to take some serious search engine optimization on your part.

Where Should I Focus My SEO?

You need to ramp up your local SEO efforts, plain and simple. Why is that? Truthfully, the answer to this question could drone on for days, but a few basic facts stand out from the rest.

  • Residents: People who live in your vicinity are obviously going to be looking for local companies to do business with regardless of your industry. Those residents could be even more important to your business than visitors in some regards. The services you offer locals could span well beyond those of the limited tourist demographic.
  • Current Visitors: Those who are only in town for a while certainly have the power to boost your tourist-based income. Using local SEO helps those visitors find you while they’re here.
  • Worldwide: Whether they’re in the next county or across the globe, people planning trips to Vegas are going to be looking for business here. You won’t show up in their searches if you’re not promoting your local stance.

For cities like Las Vegas, local SEO is critical. No matter where prospects are or when they might visit, they’re looking for businesses in the area. Local SEO brings you to light.

How Do I Do This?

There again, no simple explanation exists. The answer is as drawn out and complex as the SEO industry itself. Having said that, it all really boils down to three small-but-vital details.

  • Keywords: Using a combination of your services and your city gets you noticed by search engines: plumbers in Las Vegas, casinos in Las Vegas.
  • Local Features: These would be your driving directions, street address, special events, promotional offers and such.
  • Schema Markup: Google generally chooses what it displays. By embedding local schema in your website, you decide which elements prospects see in online searches.

SEO goes well beyond these limited factors, and it’s a long, difficult road to be taking on your own. If you’d like to be seen by those millions of prospects, consider asking for a little guidance from an expert in the field.